Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let Me Make You

No, it's okay. I don't want to know your name. 

I'm not interested in where you live or what you do for a living.

All I see is this drink before me and a silhouette of what you can be for me right now.

Your silhouette, black and primed and without detail, ready for me to paint a picture of what I need you to be for me right now.

I advise you not to speak, because you might ruin the mood and ruin my masterpiece.

In the throes of sex, I want no eye contact from you. Just let me use my imagination. Just let my fantasy feel real for a moment...

Just a warning. I might even call you by someone else's name. Please, don't take it personally. 

And please...don't ask for my number. Don't ask me for anything. Just go away and let me remember that moment in my own way. In full color, full of fantasy with no traces of you in my mental picture.

Yes, I do have a heart. Unfortunately, it is mine and I have no desire to share it with the likes of you. If that's a problem, I suggest you turn about face and march the hell away from me.

No, I believe in love. I do. Love is a demon and it's possessing you for the next half hour. Come on and let me exorcise you...

Be my everything..until you become nothing to me.

Now, pay the bartender and let's get out of here. 

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