Friday, September 3, 2010

Genesis: The Deconstruction of You

The greatest thing that could ever happen in your life is the moment your entire world comes crashing down around you. 

You've lost your job and can't find another.

You've filed for bankruptcy.

Your spouse or lover turns your heart into pulp.

Your children don't respect you.

Your father dies of cancer.

Your car gets repo'd.

Your house is on the cusp of foreclosure and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it.

Your checking account is in constant overdraft.

You suffer from impotency or low libido.

The codependent relationship with socially manufactured illusions in which you've found false stability and a deceptive solace will cease to exist. You will be left exposed and vulnerable and on your knees at the helm of your own accountability. Tearfully, you cry for God or for your mother and ask, "Why?" and "What did I do to deserve this?" and "How do I fix this?" 

The humorous part is your expectation for a response.

Okay. Perhaps not funny, "ha ha." Hey, losing everything might not even warrant a slight smirk. I promise, believe in yourself and you will laugh until you fall horizontally in convulsions one day. Just believe in yourself.

I say these things and I know these things because I have been there. I know what it's like to sit in the aftermath of a shattered reality that I've worked hard to build. Then I realized, I failed myself by constructing my own reality by using someone else's instruction manual as a guide. I played society's rules. Kind of. I did the school thing and had the family and well-paying job and what not. 

So why did I fail? How did I leave myself vulnerable to such catastrophe? 

Why doesn't life insurance cover the emotional hurricanes and natural disasters that happen in life while you're still living?

It doesn't matter, because here YOU are, laying fetal on the debris of expectations and plans. There YOU go, still clinging to the wooden mallet you used to bang square pegs into round holes. 

I might not be your mother or your God, but I have some words for you.


It's scary, I know. However, after your tears cease for a bit and your vision is no longer blurred, see what's in front of you. Do you see it? It's infinite possibility. Isn't it beautiful?

Put down your mallet and pick up an eXacto knife or a switchblade and carve your own hole. Reshape your own peg. And trust me, there's no better feeling to slide the perfect peg into the perfect hole and experience a perfect fit for once.

Now on your way. GodSpeed, my friends. See you in Paradise....


  1. I needed to hear that more than you know, cuz:) Beautifully said

  2. I can't be more excited to experience the journey you are going to take us on. What a great beginning. So many of these things hit home for me and I agree so much with what you said. Much love, Brenda

  3. Wow! That was deep. I'm sorry for what you've endured, but it seems to have made you that much stronger! xo