Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Universal Jewels: 11 Tips for the Heart in 2011

--on rotation: SPREAD, Outkast, The LoVe BeloW --

The Universe taught me a few lessons on how to "refine my heart" in 2010. With open eyes and newfound wisdom, I know how to define healthy love. Hopefully, these painful lessons learned will save many of you some heartache.
  1. A person who chooses to leave your life is not worth crying over. Anyone that can turn his/her back from the magnificence that is your LOVE, that is YOU, never truly loved you in the first place. Cut your losses and hold onto your proven ability to love without depths, love without conditions. Your love was too big for someone so small. Remember that.

  1. A good lover should enhance your positive attributes and make it effortless to dissolve negative energy. Compromise for growth as one, not sacrifice your identity to soothe your lover's insecurity.

  1. You should never have to choose between intimacy and security. Love should be the glue that binds both qualities seamlessly.

  1. It is utterly impossible to accept and reciprocate the greatness of what love has to offer and what love can be if you have no love of self. If you have no love of self, you'll never feel worthy of such a blessing that love is.

  1. Be mindful of people that casually use the word love. It is a word that should be held sacred and only uttered when the sayer is prepared to truly embrace the responsibility of truly loving you.

  1. If you fall in love, make sure the the person will be there to catch you. Falling on your face hurts pretty damn bad and your face will never quite look the same again.

  1. Love and Hate exist upon the same infinite litmus strip of passion. There is no limit to either emotion and no defining threshold of change. Levels of passion can run up and down the scale and change at whim depending on the conditions of which the heart is kept.

  1. Hate is not the opposite of Love. Indifference is the Opposite. You cannot hate without the presence of passion or the disappointment of failed Love.

  1. Love without fear, but never love a coward fearlessly. You will go from hero to fool in a matter of moments.

  1. Hearts don't break. Hearts are muscles and a strenuous workout from a lover that's hurt you will only make your heart beat stronger. I promise. It is not the end of the world.

  1. Treat your heart like the last pink diamond. Keep it on display for the world to see how beautiful your love truly is, but make sure you have laser sight technology surrounded that bitch to take out intruders. 

All my LOVE, faithful readers. There is Love abound. Some real, some counterfeit (thanks Dana!), keep your eyes and your heart open. 2011 - the Cinderella Year