Sunday, December 19, 2010

You Are HERE

Everybody wants to be somebody to someone, to something, to everyone...Everybody wants a reason to be here on this earth.

Some of us believe that there are a select few destined to make monumental changes that affect humanity. Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to make a super-human impact on the world as a whole.

Everyone cannot be Superman.

We are not all built with the temperance of Gandhi.

Even at our most sinister, we cannot all embody the wrath of Hitler.

It is within our quiet of our daily lives that the biggest impacts can be made. Similar to the butterfly effect theory, we exist within the same manner. A subtle gesture of kindness or an ignorant action of seemingly harmless carelessness can set off a reaction larger than what you've ever imagined.

You are here. Make the most of it. Be conscious of your insignificant as it may seem to you and others, the fact that you are HERE gives you the strength of a titan.

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