Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pretty Baby. Let's go.

I am here.

Went window shopping for a new bike and I had this Blondie classic on repeat on my iPod.  Couldn't help but to ask myself what is attracting me to bikes these days so passionately? I've always had an affinity for bikes and muscle cars (novice gear head that I am) and then it dawned on me:

 I am replacing love with vibrating steel that will always be there. Where this bike might break my budget, I'll be confident that it won't break my heart. Plus, I can straddle and ride it as long as I want and we'll "arrive" together every time. ;)

Downside to finding my new love is that I might have to break out the chapstick and kneepads to come up with enough bread to bring this bad boy home.

Meet my new future boyfriend:
2009 Moto Guzzi vintage-repl. California Touring Bike...In homage to the heartbreaker of all heartbreakers, Mr. James Dean. Although, it does have Brando quality about it. Doesn't it?

For your musical entertainment, as you envision beautiful me straddling this painfully sexy machine and riding it into the beyond, my inspiration to GO. Miss Harry, let 'em have it.

I fell in love with you...

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