Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Existential Downtime: Darwin's 5 Possible Outcomes and Dealing With The Monkey Shit Life Throws at You.

Ahhh FML, yo...ferreal...

When did life turn into a game of dodgeball? With every stupid ball thrown, I find myself scattering left and right and dipping and ducking to survive the constant changes happening on what seems like a daily basis at this point. Do I catch the ball and fight back, do I drop low and hope they sail overhead or do I just let that stupid tether ball smack me in the eye... Maybe a little of all three?

I suppose change is inevitable. I suppose the manner in which we respond to change depends on the individual's response or/and the severity of a changing situation.

Charles Darwin's 5 possible outcomes to a change of environment or circumstance comes to mind when I think about how to deal with changes in life:

Do we allow parts of ourselves to cease functioning for the sake of survival when accepting a new and unfamiliar situation?

Do we continue to grow alongside others as they mutate, forcing us to mutate accordingly in order to exist in a confined area amidst the spectrum of a changing situation?

Do we find our strengths within the face of change to co-exist with others that provide complementary strengths in order to survive as a community?

Do we spread ourselves out and find options within the face of change?  Should we seek other aspects in life with the hopes of finding a place to grow into a completely different person?

Do we surrender to the past and allow ourselves to slowly drift into a ghost of what we once were because the inevitable changes life presents frightens us, angers us...or we just resist...?

The more I think about it, the balance of all five is ideally human. Accepting change and giving up a part of yourself in order to adapt. Living alongside someone and absorbing his changes so that you can grow alongside him. Finding your strengths and seeing how the strengths of others around you can help you to survive. Making sure that you don't turn your back on opportunities that present the ability to grow in new ways never thought of. Honoring the past and seeing the road taken and how the road can prepare you for today....

They all can work hand in hand, can't they?

Just some thoughts...

*end transmission*

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